Thursday, July 31, 2003

Its all about money, honey?

That was borrowed from the tagline of, i dont see it much these days, wonder if they still use it...but that also is what i am going to write on today...i am reading 'india unbound' by gurcharan das(see my medialist), almost finished it...and i am able to relate yesterday's post to some of the stuff in the, will continue on the path....but i believe, i will be backtracking by the time i finish the entire's generation, as compared to the ones earlier, gets a lot of money related happiness, mostly because of rising consumerism, which has almost enveloped the more developed countries and is rapidly aadvancing in india...we like to have things literally at our fingertips, and the mouse is a powerful tool.. we order books, gifts and many other things under the sun online, it definitely is convenient....the mobile is also a powerful tool, most of the restaurants here, have introduced home delivery, again the fingertips can get the job done....result of all this is a decrease in the kind of social interaction we grew up with...and whether it is online purchases or home delivery, there is definitely an extra price we pay for it......the BPOs (call centers, in regular parlance) that are spreading like a virus, not necessarily with the same dire consequences, hehe, they are either making calls or receiving calls,giving customers from far flung corners of the globe, info about a variety of products and we have convenience, better economies coz these call center employees make good money, so more disposable income....but are we losing ourselves in the turn of the merry go round, why do we have waves of nostalgia? why do we turn to our blogs as outlets? a query, can our generation produce a bhagat singh or an aung san suu kyi, who would endure purely for what they believe in .....we have, but in a different mould, more on that tomorrow.... leaving you with
manuscrypts trivia
'If somebody gives you a free ticket for a tour, you cannot fight with the person because of the troubles you meet while on the journey.'....leena chandavarkar, on life

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