Friday, August 01, 2003

If its ok with them...

it seems the quest for happiness is dogging everyone, (read wonderbug's post today) i wrote a couple of days back, 'true happiness' is so dynamic, that we only have just enough time to experience it, so defining it is way way off....Carrying on from yesterday, with most 'sparks' from the book i am reading now.....i doubt if our generation can produce a bhagat singh.....who would die for a cause.... just a thought, who knows what his intentions were, maybe he measured his happiness by his martyr status, and made a gamble....but i doubt.. i am still a fan, and believe in the nobility of his intentions...we have produced individuals who would endure for a cause they believe in, the cause is usually money...the college dropout who is the richest guy in the world, the petro giants whose dad started out as a petrol pump attendant in yemen... only stating the rule, not the exceptions.... not taking anything away from their achievements,but the motive..and so it is that most heroes today are industrial giants, and not gandhis and nehrus...again the rule, not the , society has changed in terms of aspirations and therefore motives...i am not talking of sailors who went in search of treasures, i am talking of commonfolk...where did it all start, hmm, not here, though we had our tatas and birlas, the industrial revolution really happened in europe and that why we always look for endorsements from there...why we compare our quality of life with them, love the coke, mtv lifestyle...dont mistake me, i am not talking swadeshi here, just amartya sen lauded kerala yesterday for its high life expectancy, low infant mortality rate etc..but with all that, kerala is on a downhill now, the attitude hasnt undergone much change...kerala does have all the indeces of quality of life in a position, where it compares favorably, even with the be continuedmeanwhile, all you guys interested in a kind of lateral thinking, check out this have a great weekend, everyone, not before you check out
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"You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."~ Albert Einstein

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