Monday, August 04, 2003

Our kinda modern

first up, a very happy friendship (yester) day to all of you...though to be honest, there shouldnt be a day for this, friends are forever... oh, well, those poor archies guys have to find ways to make money, dont they..hehei have finally finished 'india unbound', and am now reading roald dahl's supposedly best stories, and to be very honest, after 110 pages out of 360 odd, it still hasnt delivered the kind of stuff it promises on the back cover, so it is not on my medialist...!!
there are some guys outside my office protesting against the government for something, regular stuff in india, but the difference today is that they have stripped down to their undies...hehe, gives a whole new meaning to 'india unbound'..yeah, speaking of that book, stll a couple of good points to, about our concept of modern....our modern is mostly 'western'... whatever is accepted there gets accepted here too.... from pizzas to music videos, oit is ironic that there is a jam packed crowd for every performance of indian maestros in the west, but here, its is only a niche audience....i dont think quality is the chief criterion we employ when we choose goods, services or whatever, there is basically a bias towards whatever is western, and thus we tend to kill whatever is homegrown, yes there are brands that survive, but i believe they entered the indian consumer's brain before the concept of 'western-modern' came about......the other point, tomorrow's post....meanwhile
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"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." - Carl Sagan

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