Monday, August 25, 2003

We forget

i have been reading 'where the rain is born'...its a collection , i found a lil part in a particular piece that i found very thought provoking...will give you the gist...long before man started ruling the earth, long before the giant lizards, two spores set out on an incredible journey, after some time they came to a lush green valley, the younger spore said 'lets journey on further, and see more wonders', the elder one said 'i'm too tired, i will stay here, you carry on, but promise me you will never forget me'..the younger one said, 'forget you, impossible'...the elder one replied, 'this is the loveless journey of karma, you will...'.....and so the younger one journeyed on...eons and eons later, in the lush green valley, the elder spore had spread its roots deep into the earth, and had flowered..... a lil girl, all dressed up and looking pretty came to pluck some flowers ...... the man who came with her, pulled a twig down so that she could pluck the she was plucking the flower, the elder spore cried, 'ah, little sister, you have forgotten me'....

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