Tuesday, December 09, 2003


nope, i havent attained it yet, but i think there could be a way to it.....i dont know about the rest of humanity, so i have to speak subjectively.....i dont feel truly happy when i hear about the good fortunes of others, not that i am entirely 'j' about it, but theres always the feeling of 'why couldnt it happen to me'... the converse of it being, when something bad happens to someone, with the major feeling of sympathy/grief etc, theres always the minor feeling of 'thank god it didnt happen to me'.... this is not restricted to professional or competitional matters, but manifests itself even in personal situations....in my case, the only people who dont come under this cloud is my immediate family..........thankfully, maybe because of my own feelings, i am also not very expectant when it comes to receiving congrats or condolences, because i am always on the lookout for that 'down' look or smirk...hehe...but maybe, if we could all truly feel happy or sad for others, then we would be able to find relatively more bliss in this material world...meanwhile, think about this leaving you with
manuscrypts trivia
apologise to the non hindi speaking crowd, but this was too good not to post "log to jeete hain ummeed pe,par hamein to jeene ki bhi ummeed nahi"

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