Monday, December 15, 2003


readers complaining about the overdose of 'taken' in my recent posts will have to suffer just this once more.... just watched the last episode yesterday, with a certain feeling of ambivalence, because i wanted to see where it all led to, but didnt want the series to end.. cant blame me, it was good, and it has set a new benchmark for sci fi films to aspire to... i was looking for some stuff related to the series, and i found comments that were at both extremes, and that there were also lots of folks who felt the same as i did about the series....the good thing about it was, it didnt flood the screen with visual effects, nor did it try to make conclusions, it left you to think, and gave you some very good things to think about..... like the first of the matrix trilogy.. i have actually begun to think that all life could be part of some giant experiment, that we are all Ctrl D....lemme share some good lines from yesterday's episode
"Hope is the biggest lie, but its the best we have got, its what keeps us going...."
"life, all life, is about asking questions, knowing that you might not get the is the desire to know what lies on top of the next hill, that keeps us going... so keep questioning, even though you know you may never get the answers...."
and here's
manuscrypts trivia
the lyrics of the song that the last episode ended with, dont know if it will touch anyone the same way, but still, its a beautiful song, as many 'taken' guys would agree...its my Emmylou Harris and is called
Just before it gets dark
Just before it gets dark
When the lights still hangs in the sky
The days not quite gone
All its promises still in your eyes
Between the time your mother calls
And the time you put the ball away
There's a lifetime to be lived
And a world where every dream is here to stay
Just before the night comes
And you run back to the safety of your world
Just before it gets dark
You can believe in every story ever told
In those last precious moments
There's a beauty no one wants to give away
Well, nothing lasts forever
But those moments keep forever far away
Just before it gets dark
Before you grow
Before you're too old to pretend
Just before it gets dark
And you know your dreams will not come back again
Hold on
Hold on tight
And I promise you baby it will all be alright
I promise you baby it will all be alright

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