Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Is He dead?

doing a lil bit of analysis to find the functional tendencies of the Almighty, if He were like a new age organisation, he should be having some sort of a customer feedback mechanism..either He hasnt got one, or it isnt functioning properly.... higher grounds of moral/spiritual thoughts aside, a large majority of people wouldnt be happy with what god gave them on their plate, and they cant be blamed....and who in hell (no pun intended) is the signing auhority these days on our fate, individual and combined..... who decides that most people, when they grow old, have to become vulnerable to the vagaries of their offspring or fate, or both?.... who decides that some new born infants have to be deprived of parentship?... who decides that people who love may not be loved?....who decides who is born rich and who is is born poor?.....who decides luck?....who decides that tears are necessary in life?....who decides that natural calamities have to take away what people slaved for and saved?....who decides the right time to die?.... who decides to make psychopaths and autistic people?.....who decides who should be a cat, dog, monkey etc. ?... who decides that people be born blind/deaf/dumb and not experience things people around them can (there could be an argument that they are lucky).....who decides that life isnt fair?...who decides that man shouldnt know the purpose of his life?.....if i were part of a rebirth cycle, isnt it only fair that i know my account balance during each birth... if there was no rebirth, then why arent i given the place of someone i wish i were??...personally, on the whole, i am happy with the way my life is shaping up, but what about the less fortunate ones?since there is hardly any trace of fairness left in this world, i have to conclude that He is dead..... but manuscrypts trivia isnt
check this out, its an interesting read, even if you arent part of the corporate scheme of things.

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