Monday, April 05, 2004

And on the eighth day, He made God

Usually dine out on Saturdays, its a weekly ritual, kinda relaxant for me... this week, went to a place called "Whats cooking?"... other than all the things that are the norm, i liked the place coz it gave me a view of arguably one of the busiest streets in bangalore - Commercial Street. For one and a half hours, i watched diverse versions of our species in various moods and states of existence - some rich, some poor, some physically challenged, some kids, some grown ups, some grown up kids, some angry, some peaceful, some happy, many sad and suddenly i happened to remember a song, which remains a favourite because of its lyrics and concept - "What if God was one of us" by Joan Osborne. It set of a whole train of thoughts in my head, all over again..... about the concept of what we call God, and how he can be so non-human - lacking of ego, anger, hatred... coz if I had a lot of atheists living happily, a lot of guys halfway atheist and demanding proof of my existence, (as if the entire phenomena around them werent enough), a lot of guys beseeching/threatening/cursing me for miscellaneous favours and forgetting me once i get the things done, and to top it all, some wisecracks who proclaim "if god is in everything, he is in me, so worship me", oh hell, (pardon the pun), i'd be one pissed off God. Thank God they didnt choose me to be God (according to Hindu mythology, the best kings on earth were chosen to be Indra, the king of Gods, after their tenure on earth... we dont have kings now, so......)..hehe...
While on the concept of God, here's a good fwd i got, its titled "Whispers" (no, theres no brand involved this time :) )
The man whispered, "God, speak to me" and a meadowlark sang.
But, the man did not hear.
So the man yelled, "God, speak to me" and the thunder rolled across the sky.
But the man did not listen.
The man looked around and said, "God let me see you." and a star shined brightly.
But the man did not see.
And, the man shouted, "God show me a miracle." and, a life was born.
But, the man did not notice.
So, the man cried out in despair, "Touch me God, and let me know you are here." Whereupon, God reached down and touched the man.
But, the man brushed the butterfly away ...
and walked on.

I found this to be a great reminder that God is always around us in the little and simple things that we take for granted ...
and now for your weekly dose of
manuscrypts trivia
the first quote will apply to a lot of bloggers, the rest are more in line with the post above
"A writer writes not because he is educated but because he is driven by the need to communicate. Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Behind the need to share is the need to be understood. The writer wants to be understood much more than he wants to be respected or praised or even loved. And that perhaps, is what makes him different from others." ~ Leo Rosten
"It may be that our role on this planet is not to worship God, but to create him." ~ Arthur C. Clarke
"Is man one of God's blunders or is God one of man's blunders?" ~ Friedrich Nietzsche"
God is not dead but alive and well and working on a much less ambitious project." ~ Anonymous, Graffiti
"I have too much respect for the idea of God to make it responsible for such an absurd world." ~ Georges Duhamel
"I don't know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn't." ~ Jules Renard

PS - If "God's Own Country" still has internet alive and kicking, the next post will be from there!!

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