Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Theory of Relativity

Heat. Lightning. More heat. Coconut trees. and between all these a tiny post, a day late....a classic case of blogginess overcoming laziness. (the style was intended to be something like the beginning of a work of fiction, i am practising every week ... hehe)
a lil bit about the title, am in no ways trying to expand on what ol' albert said or did.. uh uh, i am not even trying to go there... on the contrary, it veers more towards the 'how we are' side of 'philosophy' than the 'how we are' side of science.
It was sparked off by an article i saw in 'the week' about the difference in salaries of profs in the iims and the dudes who pass out of there, it was around 3 times. so, i wondered why the profs were still there - the first answer was an obvious one, they loved what they were doing.
the other less obvious reason set off a thought process whose results were as follows - if we only look at what we are, what we earn, what we possess etc in an absolute sense , rather than in a relative sense i.e in comparison with what others have, what they earn, what they possess etc we would be more at peace with ourselves and the rest of humanity. there, thats the new theory of relativity. and so we would be able to spend more time doing things that would improve our lives...screeeeeech, just slammed the brakes on that line of thought, we will go there some other day.
just realised a pun in this - 'relatives are the source of misery' ;-)
and now on to
manuscrypts trivia
When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers. ~ Oscar Wilde
"out of my mind, back in 5 minutes" ~ unknown
" i do not suffer from insanity, rather i love every minute of it" ~ another unknown

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