Thursday, December 09, 2004

Darna Mana hai / 2

the title because it has been inspired by RGV's 'Darna mana hai'.. 6 stories, one we have only 3, but all have the same ending..
Story 1 : Shot of a young chap grinning from ear to ear as he greets his old friends at a night club...A red car cuts a screeching turn as its driver competes with an old lady for the same parking space. Our hero stops the roughneck, starts a conversation. Looking lost, the driver tries to recognise our hero. Stalling for time, our hero continues with the conversation by complimenting his friend on his biceps. Finally he says, "Hai na Bunty?" But the tough guy turns out to be someone else! By this time... the old lady deftly glides her car into the parking lot much to the chagrin of the roughneck. He goes back to his friends who compliment him. zoom to his face, he says...

Story 2: An award nite for ads. The winning company's top exec goes on stage to pick up the award, while the team looks on. Once on stage, he beckons to the team to join him on the stage. teamspirit... and how does boss celebrate, zoom to his face, he says...

Story 3 : he held on for as long as he could. finally he walked painful steps to the teacher and whispered something to her. sadist that she was, the 2nd standard class teacher looked at her watch, 20 minutes left for close of class. she told him, "only 20 minutes left, wait"he refused to give up, and looked pleadingly at her.
*a rare moment of understanding*.
she said "okay , go, but come back soon!". as he stood in the loo, and felt a wave of relief, zoom to his face, he says...

The ending
"number 1, mera number 1"

ever since i saw McDowell's surrogate advertising, this one was coming!!
until next time, hold on to your high spirits.

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