Monday, December 13, 2004

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There have been a few times where i have pressed that particular button on the top right corner..most times curious whether i would find somebody from my list as the next blog.. that would be a good random experience/ coincidence, isnt it?
these travels take me to blogs of various kinds, many of them in languages i cant understand.. some of them with the regular blogger templates and others in which people have put in a lot of effort on the template and customised it totally... but the majority of those blogs usually have zilch visitors, and mind you, some of them are quite good... and again, many of these have been around for quite some time..i wonder what motivates them to keep on writing..
frankly, inspite of the 'i write for myself' philosophy, i couldnt dream of sustaining the blog if none of you guys commented... i guess its a matter of mindset - expectations from the blog... i think the reason why blogger has that button has some similarity with my reason for blogging..a search for people who think like me, well maybe not like me, but think something that will interest me..
the reason for this discourse, you ask? a certain aquatic lifeform :) commented sometime back that the 'right clique' was growing.. i started off a reply and realised that it was a postable thought.. and in these desperate times, when, like bollywood, good subjects are so hard to come by, such thoughts are precious..hehe..well, the reasons why the clique is changing - adding blogs that interest me, linking back people who are kind enough to link me, deleting blogs which are confirmed to be inactive (i'm sure hek will be back soon :) ), deleting blogs whose content do not appeal anymore (extremely rare cases), deleting blogs whose owners wouldn't mind me taking them off. in fact, i would go a step further, they wouldn't know i put them here, so they wouldnt know i took them off either..hehe.
so thats why the list keeps changing... because though all blogs are special places, those on my list are extra special to me..
until next time, specialise ;)

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