Monday, January 17, 2005

The Cycle

D wants a cycle. D rarely wants anything, but this one she wants bad. this post is to explain to her, why we are not buying one now.. yes, it makes sense writing it !!
A long time ago, when others wanted alphabets and numbers to be my priority, a bigger priority entered my life, a cycle, to be more specific, my neighbour's cycle... and thus a little human had his first lessons in the vast human emotion of envy.. and theonly other requirement that was in my mandatory list was that it had to be more horny,er, the horn had to have more sound than my neighbour's cycle... since i was not a very demanding child, materialistically that is, i got the cycle... the envy lesson also took with it a lil bit of innocence... but i was very happy.
a few years later, i realised the importance of balance in life, no, not the work-life one we talk about now, but the balance required to drive a two wheeled contraption..that balance was quickly mastered and armed with that, i made the demand for my second cycle, of course, the trigger being the envy felt for the peers who already had a bigger,better cycle... a little more innocence lost, but a new cycle gained.. and i was happy.
a few more years later, i needed something that i could use for transportation to school,and the old cycle obviously didnt fit the bill, that was the functional excuse i used...and i got a new cycle again.. a few road rules bent, a lil more innocence lost (yup, by that time, there was hardly anything to lose ;) ), but after all i had a new cycle, but there was nothing to be very happy about.. it was as though i had to have it, so i had it..
now i have a cycle thats hardly a month old.. every morning, i curse the damn thing, wake up and cycle a few kilometres... i am not exactly happy about it but theres loss of weight, clothes that come fitting right back and a whole lot of other advantages... all said and done, a much better deal than the other cycles..
D shares this cycle with me, but this is an execycle, it doesnt move..she wants one that moves..she isnt grumpy when she uses this one.. she is, in fact, quite, tell me, what kind of husband.. human being!!.. would let another innocent human being go through all those other cycles of life that take away your innocence and leaves you sad??especially when she has by passed all those other cycles and reached this one directly?
thats why we are not buying D a cycle!!
until next time, lets use karmic cycles

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