Thursday, January 20, 2005

All in the name

M had always known this would happen. it was all because of her name, it was so bad that she rarely mentioned it.....that plus what was in her husband's genes, the craving for whatever was bad and evil. and although she had been fortunate and had a stable marriage thus far, this time she knew that she had a big challenge on her hands...
the other woman was beautiful and her husband was completely besotted. M's sources told her that he used to travel huge distances in his private jet just to catch a glimpse of the other woman.
it had all started because of M's sister in law and one of her infinite affairs.. that was when M's husband had first seen the other woman.. oh, god rot that damn sister in law of hers, thought M.. earlier M had felt a strange kinship with her, because she had an equally bad name, S, but now all the kinship had vanished.
S's problem was that though she had powerful and doting brothers (including M's husband) and millions in her name, she was not much to look at. but that didnt stop her from trying to launch herself at any poor unsuspecting male she came across..
in this particular affair, S had gone overboard in her desperation and the guy had been forced to get physical with her to bring her to her senses. but S had not taken it in the right spirit and her ever ready brothers had immediately started poking their collective noses in the affair. but the guy was from a well to do family himself, and though he was not in great terms with his family, he, along with his brother, had enough clout to thwart all of S's brothers' efforts.
finally M's husband had taken matters in his own hands and gone to meet his sister, and that was where he first laid eyes on the other woman.later, M's sources said, he had coaxed/cajoled/duped her (according to various versions) and had now set her up in one of his palatial residences in the same city as M. He had asked her if she wanted him to throw M out and let her take M's place.oh, the audacity, thought M!!.
but thankfully, M had heard that all was not well with her husband and the other woman. the other woman was sulking, well , she bloody should, considering that she was supposed to be a respectably married woman, very much in love with her husband. and more thankfully, last heard, the husband was on his way to meet his wife and settle matters, hopefully he would just take her back, and would give M another chance with her husband.
it was all because of her name, thought M. couldnt her parents have given her a decent name like the other woman - Sita. God curse her parents who had named her Mandodari and God curse that sister in law of hers - Shoorpanakha!!
(PS: this is a reworked version of a famous book by an ex-con
turned bestselling author, Mr. V)
until next time, m is for manus.. uh, no..m is for mogambo khush hua .. bless him, wherever he is...

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vijay said...

Bloody brilliant! Gasp! Seriously.