Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ownership Issues- A non ambani story

When the police knocked on his doors one fine morning, he didnt know what hit him. the story made the first page in the days that followed. He still remembered the conversation with the policeman who first questioned him.
Policeman : are you the owner of this apartment complex?
He: not exactly, but i am paid to look after it.
P: are you related to the owner.
H: no, but i have full authority in all matters pertaining to it.
P: so you are liable as well as accountable.
H: yes, but why these questions?
P: do you personally know all tenants?
H: not all, but my office makes sure that all papers are intact and we give it out only to good citizens.
P: do you know the tenant in 6A?
H: not off the cuff. but let me look at the records.
(after a quick look) ah yes, the schoolteacher, he has been here for quite a while.
P: can you explain why he has so many schoolkids visiting him?
H: well he offers extra tutions to help out weak kids.
P: oh well, the kind of tutions he has been giving, are not for the weak of heart. he has been running a pornography racquet here.
H: you must be mistaken.
P: we are not, and we have come to arrest you.
H: Me?! what did i do? why dont you arrest him?
P: he is absconding, and by your earlier admission, you are
accountable and liable for whatever that happens here.
H: well, i have been a law abiding citizen. i have his permanent
address and i can help you trace him.
P: thanks for the help, but thats beside the point and i'd still
have to arrest you.
H: but i didnt do anything.
P: legally you facilitated the base for the operation.
H: but i didnt know what he was upto.
P: again, by your own job description, its your liability to have found out, and if you didnt, you are accountable for it. sorry, but you are under arrest.
H: i am a respected citizen and the community is not going to stand for it.
P: sorry, but no one is above the law.
As they took him away, he wondered what would be the scenario if a similar issue had occurred in the organisation in which he was CEO, an online bidding site.

until next time, be a responsible owner!!

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