Monday, January 10, 2005

The Room

He sat in the room and looked around - lovely view, clean and neat, soothing ambience,but he was still not at peace.. for it was a hospital room, and the patient was his wife..
they had been married for several years and were a model couple to everyone around them -rich, good looking, famous, with friends who were devoted to short everything anyone could ask for... until disaster struck in the form of a terminal disease. It was as though even the Gods were jealous...
Though the disease was terminal, he hadnt yet given up... he had tried all the methods of medicine known to man and all the holy men whom friends had referred, but to no avail..he told his friends that he was willing to do anything to get a cure for his wife, andthey nodded in sympathy, helpless against what seemed to be the will of God.
That was when he heard about the room. although no one had any proof of its existence,rumour had it that in the remotest parts of the country, in forests so deep that even an animal planet or national geographic had not been able to penetrate, there existed a room. it was believed that if anyone manged to overcome the obstacles and reach the room, the romm would automatically fulfil his greatest desire.
his friends tried to convince him against the idea of going there, for the jungles had already devoured many who had set out to get their wishes fulfilled, but he was adammant.for weeks his friends waited for him, but there was no trace of him... many thought he was dead, but he had survived, not only survived but also managed to reach the room and get his wish fulfilled....
once he got out of the forest, he called his closest friend, to get the good news... "i am sorry", said the friend.
"what happened?", he asked, surprised..
"your wife is dead. in fact all the major channels covered the funeral, and many have even asked me whether you will be interested in a series that showcases your devotion to her. you couldn't find the room, could you?, but at least you are alive....", said the friend.
he kept quiet, for he suddenly realised what his deepest desire had been...
until next time, clean your room.

P.S.. the current edition of "outlook" has a wonderful article by Sandipan Deb. this story idea is from a little paragraph in it.

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