Monday, January 24, 2005

Shock and Awwww!!

The cold war was over long ago, but being the dominant country had its own set of disadvantages, chief among which was being the primary target for all the terrorist organisations that wanted to make a bold statement.And being the head of such a country, especially when the world considered your iQ results negative, was definitely not the high that many people could live with. but whoosh (the name had come from the hot air currents that were said to be forever blowing inside his head) did, twice over,and was extremely proud of it.and today he would get one more chance to prove his might, whoosh thought, as he was being driven to the bentagun (the name had come from the physical prowess of the personnel) hq.
for tonight, he had received the news that bentagun had located the person whom many had considered would be his nemesis - pin laden (the name had come from the enormous amount of grenade and other explosions he had master-minded).for having badly hurt his country's pride, whoosh had chased p-l to distant lands, but p-l had been elusive and escaped capture. in fact p-l had pissed him off so much, that whoosh didnt even want to capture him alive, like he had captured another mortal enemy of his - sodamn insane. (the name because of his crazy antics) he wanted to blast pin-laden from the face of the earth. thus were his thoughts as he entered the room...
the room, which had all the necessary buttons to blast the earth off itself, if the earth were ever a threat to his country.
"have you confirmed his location?", asked whoosh, as soon as he entered.
"3.4 NORTH 95.7 EAST", answered the nervous aide.
"sir, there is a possibility of some collateral damage, could we discuss...", squeaked another.
"i dont care, so long as i can nuke that b****** , and we can discuss all that after i press this" said whoosh
so saying, he pressed the button, that could annhilate a small country.
"show it to me on the screen, quick", shouted whoosh
the aide, still nervous, pressed a button, and the image of a tranquil ocean appeared on the screen.
"thats my pool, show me the region of impact", said whoosh
"er, thats the indian ocean, sir, and that is the region of impact"
"what!!", exclaimed whoosh
" p-l was hidden in an underwater lair, you will see the impact on the surface soon, sir"
"ah, i see, he must be history by now... i can see the impact now.. wow, thats a gigantic wave"
"er, yes sir, thats the collateral damage we warned you about"
"a few fish, thats what was bugging you?.. all i'll say is that there must be some lucky surfer around", laughed whoosh.
"not exactly sir.....once the wave reaches the coastline.."
" it would have become so small that it would be insignificant, ha"
"thats not exactly the way it works, sir....", tried the aide.
"oh hush, stop ruining my great moment....."
the aide gave up.

until next time, this is just a story, so dont be shocked or awed!!

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