Thursday, September 28, 2006

Badhai Ho

It is a natural progression, parents producing offsprings... Thats perhaps one of the few things on which Darwin and God wouldnt have an argument.. because thats what evolution is all about..
It is not as though when parents grow old, they cease to be useful to the community or are ill equipped to survive in the world.. after all thats what they would have been doing for years, but after a certain time, nature has a way of bringing to the fore an offspring that is better equipped to handle the world than its parent could evolve to be..All parents would love their offspring to be better than them, in every way..
and so the parent would have been pleased when people claimed that its offspring had better features and at least from the first few days of experience, the people familiar with the parent claimed that the offspring had qualities they had hoped the parent would have.. of course,it wasnt a perfect being, but it definitely was better...
And so, while some firang geeks would care to describe it as the second Greek alphabet, at least those of us populating this country and speaking the language should realise it for what it is, and offer our congratulations to the service we use, when we get to know (as they would say in Bollywood) "Aap ko Beta hua hai" ..

until next time, springing surprises..


Cherie! said...

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 laddo khao.

austere said...

Given that i've just shifted to blogspot, will wait for a NEW beta (or gamma or alpha or whtever) on blogger before any switch. which will happen in the nxt century.

manuscrypts said...

cherie: hehe :)

austere: welcome hai ji :)