Monday, September 04, 2006

Dual Duel

He was tense, not surprising, considering that this would be a historical event for him, a milestone... And he had worked hard for it. There were times when he had thought he would fall by the wayside somewhere along the journey. Before the moment was on him, he wanted to close his eyes and travel the path all over again in his mind, for the moment would pass in a flash, and he wanted it to be always momentous in his mind.
The numbers hadnt reached 199 just like that. Each one was worked for, with diligence. What was more significant was that he wasnt a hard hitter, so there were no boundaries, no sudden leaps in the score, it was an accumulation process. He had been tired in between, sorely tempted to stop, but he had willed himself on, for he knew that he would be happy at the moments to come, and he wouldnt really want to miss them.
Thankfully he didnt have any major critics who might have dampened the enthusiasm, though he didnt have any major fans either, but then he was doing this mostly for the joy of it, and not for the accolades.Yes, he was happy, a double century didnt come everyday, and he hadnt forgotten the joy he had felt when he had got his first century.

until next time, two much? :)


Hyde said...

A tad, yes. :-D

Stone said...

Loved each one of them!!

Cherie! said...

Much Much Hota Hai?

E said...

Congrats and well fought!

manuscrypts said...

hyde: hmm, even a tad is bad :)

stone: Thank ye :)

manuscrypts said...

cherie: nothing much, actually :)

hey e, thx :)

Sudheer Narayan said...

congrats man... may the duel be fought in perpetuity:)

austere said...

aww the wrong thing to say, eh?

The Regular Joe said...

Hey wow!!!

Grafxgurl said...

i hope it continues to "nth much"

its never two much !!!!

manuscrypts said...

Sudheer: thx :)

austere: do so!! :)

manuscrypts said...

TRJ : :)

grafxgurl: thank ye :)