Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bade Bhaiya

Is what i wanted to write about
But after all this, i am left in no doubt
That all that i would've said
Would sound a bit jaded

But though it places me in a quandary
I have to admit, I am racist, i love ferrari
And in between all the stunts for publicity
lemme not forget to say 'Happy Republicity' :)

until next time, can it get verse?


dobereinerr said...

LOL!!! Racist! Tu bhi na!

Me too. Tifosi. Indian.

N I think Kimiz gonna rock the grid, now that hes got a car that can actually finish ;)

Cyberkitty said...

then even i am racist - happy republic day

Isha Reddy said...

i love the snap thing that keeps popping up all over the place...

lol.. u should have seen me a year ago arguing over how much of a golddigger/different nationality messed up person sonia is.. :P ..

this guy on tv was all like ... indians are the most racist people ever.. jis school ka student goody hain .. us school key teachers... indians hain lol

cardamom said...

With a goody goody post you have 'raced' further,
of ALL THIS u proved to be the big brother !!

until next time 'Sue'macher coz he drives a ferrari :P

manuscrypts said...

dobereinerr : yup yup agree, triple F - flying finn in a ferrari :)

cyberkitty: :)

manuscrypts said...

isha: thought snap was cute... and its easily downloadable.. but i agree with the guy on tv... which is why we still have an obsession for fair and lovely and its variants...

hey cardamom :)