Monday, January 29, 2007

Random Excerpts from Very Interesting Experiences this Week

Soap Opera
Can i get one Cinthol soap please - no, since the powers that be have decided that to be totally cleansed, i need not one, not two, not three, but four cinthols - 'not to be sold separately'.. haha, other soaps? go on, all for one, one for all, thats how it goes...
Went to GK Vale to get D's photo taken, and since there wasnt a 'ek lo ek muft lo' offer, i sat and watched someone play a motor racing game on an xbox console there.. and i have to hand it to the Bangalore Police.. as soon as the guy crossed the speed limit, two cops came in.... nah, just coincidence, come on, its Bangalore police we are talking about remember?
(careful, spoilers ahead)
eh? yeah, i meant salaam-e-ishq, watch out for-
the relay- first john abraham runs, then anil kapoor runs, followed by john abraham again (he incidentally prefers to run between towns) and then akshaye khanna.. the only thing that stops running once in a while is govinda's taxi..
the brits being beat at their own game - after sue in RDB, stephanie tries to massacre hindi by speaking hindi in her british accent... but our very own salman saves the day and beats her to it by speaking hindi in a US accent...
Tear jerker- As the rhyme goes, Johnny Johnny, yes papa.... kiss the girls and make them cry.. yup, Thats what John Abraham does, makes poor Vidya Balan cry and then drinks her tears.. Poor Vidya Balan desperately needs hits and it shows, as she gets hit on by John, and then Akshay's car.. she didnt want to take chances and tried to get hit on a train, and unfortunately succeeds, thereby losing her mammaries (sorry sorry, but i suddenly remembered a dilli friend who used to pronounce it that way)...:)
spoilers? yeah these were only the things that spoiled the movie, else all okay ;)

until next time, wanna tear me apart? :D


San said...

I don't think my backside could handle sitting still for 3.5 hours .. and that too for a candy floss flick

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Anz said...

LOL @ you got"Hum do humaare do" :P I think its for all the policemen (i hope the Delhi police dont come and catch me for saying this!) They seem to be on High Alert nowadays in the capital

Hows u?

Isha Reddy said...

lol very Intresting Indeed!

that much soap will dry you down coz remember like dove ads say soaps have a high pH only buy a neutral soap ;) rofl

i think the trailers of Salaam E ishq are quite 'colourful' havent seen the movie yet.. but the whole "LOVE ACTUALLY" theme kind of put me off anyway

taks said...

Good one, chief ... especially the 'Cinthol' & 'Masala-E-Ishq' parts.
As for myself, I prefer "Lifebuoy - Tandurusti ki raksha karta hai Lifebuoy ..."
And I try my best to avoid movies which have John Abraham or Salman Khan in them :-)

Prerona said...

yes! help me! flag it - top right pein ek flag karke button hain!

Cherie! said...

*sob* Nooooo....tears rolling down my cheeks!

Anonymous said...

ohhh god...dont even remind me of that movie!!! i have decided i cant watch another movie for a month....need to detoxic after that movie!! :-)


manuscrypts said...

san: i had to negotiate, but my backside got convinced after it heard the multiplex rates :)

er, what was that?

manuscrypts said...

hey anz, long time, how've you been? :)

isha: one at a time :)

manuscrypts said...

taks: ah, good choice, my friend :)

prero: seems to be working now

manuscrypts said...

cherie: tissue? :p

bips: i'm waiting for honeymoon travels