Monday, December 31, 2007

A Great 2008

Two thousand eight
Might be just a date
But its a good time to wonder if fate,
Will drop these on our plate

Mallya will force India to accept Alistair Perreira as a part of the Formula 1 team.
Abhishek will sulk because his dad stole the limelight as the anti hero in Dhoom 3.
Narayanamurthy will release his first music CD - his version of the national anthem
Uma Bharti's performance in the music video of the above will raise hackles.
Saurav will finally retire, and automatically become the new coach.
Chappell's mail on the above will be put up for auction on eBay.
Ram will be issued summons by the supreme court to appear in the Ram Sethu debate.
Yash Raj will announce a reality show in Nepal starring Charles Shobhraj titled 'Aaja Bachle'
Prachi desai will sue Ekta Kapoor for spamming her mailbox with the message 'Jhalak Dikhla ja'
Tata's one lakh car will turn out to be an autorickshaw with a spare tyre.
Shivsena will burn theatres playing Rajni films, claiming that 'Sivaji' mis-portrays their hero.

Hillary will star in Kill Bill 3 after the US' first First Husband insists on using some first aide everyday.
Australia will protest India's complete dominance in Twenty 20.
Prakash Karat will condemn India's shift towards nuclear families.
Pervez Musharaff will blame Hindustan Lever now that everyone has seen through the Qaeda smokescreen.
Yuvraj will have a personal cheerleading squad in all matches with Deepika Padukone leading it.

Narendra Modi will encourage internet usage and specifically RSS feeds, but ban pizzas, Ferrari and Sunfeast Pasta.
Emergency will be declared after Pratibha Patil tries to do a Musharaff in India.
West Bengal government will offer Taslima a plot in Nandigram.

Yana Gupta's marriage to the common man will mean she serves beer in Deccan.
Employee appreciation will grow faster than rupee appreciation
Abhishek will continue sulking because Ash named the baby Salim.
Richard Gere and Rakhi Sawant will star in Ekta Kapoor's first Hollywood venture, Kkissmat - The Forbidden Kiss.

until next time, that makes a manuscrypts happy new year :)
PS. If you liked that, check out 2007, 2006, 2005.


Anonymous said...

I was eagerly waiting for your year end post. Wonderful !

Wish you and D a joyful year ahead.


Anonymous said...

forgot...Congrats on being featured on Desipundit.

Kavi said...

Awww !!! Well written !! Had quite a laugh !

Kavi said...


Anonymous said...

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Brood Mode said...

been so long since i came here, great post as usual. Happy New Year

Saltwater Blues said...

haha ... I luvvit! :)LMAO @kkissmat!!

A lovely new year to you and the missus.


Much ado about nothing.... said...

Nice post...
Happy 2008!

Tys on Ice said...

:) now tht wud make 'a year that was' a better read..

happy new year , manu...lovin' it :)

Pallavi said...

hahaha !! good one... Happy new year

Ankur said...

nice list
it might have looked even better if you could have arrangd it from a-z

Stone said...

I was looking forward to this one!!

Wish you a very happy new year!!

Spunky Monkey said...

Happy new year, and may the nice posts continue even into this year.

Priyanka said...

You have the funnest blog!!! Damned funny!!!
A verry happy new year to you!!

mythalez said...

rofl =)) rofl rofl


Anonymous said...

this was a riot!! all the laughing even brought tears in my eyes... that too without the teargas!

Yuppie said...

good goin.. had a laff riot...

manuscrypts said...

hey jyo, thanks and wish you the same :)...

kavi: hope you have a great year ahead

manuscrypts said...

BM: its been a very long time. how've yu been?

SwB: a great year to you too :)

manuscrypts said...

MAAN: thank ye, and wish you the same :)

hey tys, you have a great year too :)

manuscrypts said...

pallavi: a happy new year to you too :)

ankur: well, like bachchan says, parampara ;)

manuscrypts said...

thx stone, and wish you the same :)

spunky monkey: *cheers* to that :)

manuscrypts said...

hey priyanka, wish you the same :)

mythalez: thank ye :)

manuscrypts said...

thx sreejith :)

hey yuppie, and thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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