Wednesday, June 25, 2003

B2B on the net

No, i am not about to do any business to business (B2B) on the net, that was only an acronym for back 2 blogging, hey!, by now you must be used to my irritating play of words. And look what happened when i was gone, our very own parent site got itself a new look, i guess the new version does look a tad better than the older one.what i have also realised is that the traffic to your site is in proportion to the updating you do, quite evident from the shoutbox in my site. and vidya chose to do a dance on my shoutbox too, check out the shoutbox down below, wonder how she managed it...couldnt do much over the weekend, except buy a helmet, which i think will be a waste anyway, coz it never rains when i get out, it doesnt have to, i guess, coz i already have a vampire cough, whats a vampire cough, u ask?, my kinda cough which comes only in the cover of the night, and is afraid to venture out in the daytime, the net result being that i cough the night away, am almost reduced to chronic insomnia, and the guys at work never believe me when i say i have a cough, coz they havent seen the bloody animal!!, phew, short of typing breath, ok, bad one, but my tries never cease to amaze you, dont they?! ;-)
saw an intro of 88 antop hill on rediff, very interesting plot, but there has been such a deluge of thrillers and ghosts that i am not sure whether it will click.tried to add something to my blog, its a site where they create an acronym of your name, and you can paste a link on your blog, but i cant seem to get the graphic, have been trying from last week, thats the lil red cross that you see towards the bottom.try your luck anyway , here, actually, what got me to the site was this, u seriously have to check it out, it is so ridiculous and funny, i am too chicken to try it, but give me a feedback if you try it out...hehe
meanwhile its time for
manuscrypts trivia
a msg i got "remember the time when we were on a train, u stuck your face out and i stuck my ass out, and people thought we were twins??" grrrr

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