Thursday, June 19, 2003

That would be me??!

The greatest spiritual truths, with the greatest ability to transform our lives, are often the ones that look superficially like the twisted and sick rantings of a permanently-adolescent mental inadequate. Pastor.N.Pizzori
am not exactly sure whether my particular rantings conform to the latter part of the statement, but i sure would like them to qualify for the former.....hehe wishful thinking, huh?? but thats how everything starts, through thinking. Yeah, you are absolutely right, all this was because i didnt know what to write , so i had to do something, thats when i came across this quote from an old diary, and thought that this quote would be ideal for the blog, what say?? at least now i have a purpose to work towards, hehe, as if!!saw hrithik's ad for the new honda bike, Karizma, sporting a cap, think he's got a crew cut for "Lakshya"...everyone seems to be sporting new hairdos aamir, salman, and i am going for a haircut this weekend!! :-), that reminds me of a forward i got, " gandhiji bhi chale gaye, nehruji bhi chale gaye, meri bhi tabiyat kuch theek nahi, pata nahi desh ka kya hoga...."
had a proper kannadiga marriage meal today, burp burp, felt so sleepy , wanted to go home and sleep, but unfortunately.....zee is showing 'pran jaaye par shaan na jaye' tonite, have to c that, just one more day for the weekend!!we are in the process of shifting our office, so i guess i will not be online tomorrow, that means an extended weekend as far as blogging goes....hopefully i will have some good content to post by then...will end the boring crap for now, i know, that was a poor post!!

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